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What is The Harvard Crimson's
Journalistic Reporting Competition?

The Harvard Crimson's JRC is a month-long competition for high school reporters of all experience levels. Participants submit original works of journalism according to a set theme. Submissions will be evaluated by Crimson Editors and Executives across our content boards. The winner of the competition will receive recognition from an award-winning student publication as well as a small monetary award.


This Year's Theme

A Local Lens: Telling Hometown Stories 

The Harvard Crimson Global Programs has just that — a global presence. Students from around the world submit to our competitions, representing a diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. What is your town’s story? What makes it special? Share with us something newsworthy and unique to your town in a short article (less than 1000 words). Reference the journalistic practices followed here at The Crimson (an overview is available here), the oldest, entirely student-run college newspaper. See work in The Crimson for examples of local features, profiles, and daily news stories.

We look forward to seeing your submission!

Why should you apply?


Foster strong written communication skills. Our goal is to equip young journalists with the skills to become successful reporters.


Gain feedback on your writing from Harvard College students and members of the Harvard Crimson, award-winning and the oldest continuously published college newspaper


The top winner of each competition category will receive $50, and all finalists will receive the opportunity to interview for an internship on The Crimson's summer content team

Adult Students
Competition Details
Per Submission


Submissions Per Student

up to  5

Top 3
Top 3

Grades 7-9
Grades 10-12

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