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Editing Services 

Standard Essay Editing

Standard essay editing with 48-hour turnaround


Real-Time Essay Editing

Get expert feedback on your writing from a Crimson editor in real-time.

Scholars’ Mate

Real-time Brainstorming Session 

One Real-Time Essay Editing Session

Crimson Quick-Fix

Real-time Brainstorming Session 

One Standard Essay Editing Session

One Real-Time Essay Editing Session

Crème de la Crim

   Real-time Brainstorming Session 

Three Standard Essay Editing Sessions

   One Real-Time Essay Editing Session 

50 Successful Harvard Essays

Fifty all-new essays that got their authors into Harvard - with updated statistics, analysis, and complete student profiles - showing what worked, what didn’t, and how you can do it, too.

With talented applicants coming from top high schools as well as the pressure to succeed from family and friends, it’s no wonder that writing college application essays is one of the most stressful tasks high schoolers face. To help, this edition of 50 Successful Harvard Application Essays, edited by the staff of the Harvard Crimson, gives readers the most inspiring approaches, both conventional and creative, that won over admissions officers at Harvard University, the nation’s top-ranked college.


Experience the Excellence of Harvard Crimson College Essay Advising!

The Harvard Crimson College Essay Advising program is an exceptional college essay consulting and editing service offered exclusively by the distinguished writers of The Harvard Crimson, the nation's oldest continuously published daily college newspaper. Tailored to high school seniors, this program provides a unique opportunity to connect with some of the nation's finest collegiate writers, gaining direct feedback through personalized 1-on-1 advising and essay editing sessions.

How It Works


The Harvard Crimson College Essay Advising program is your gateway to top-notch college essay consulting and editing. Led exclusively by writers from The Harvard Crimson, the oldest continuously published daily college newspaper in the nation, our program provides high school seniors with invaluable 1-on-1 advising and essay editing sessions.

Whether you're just starting or already on your fifth draft, our program caters to students at any stage of the college essay writing process. Our experienced coaches will guide you through brainstorming sessions to develop a strong foundation for your essay. If you're further along, our team leverages their journalism expertise to offer targeted editing sessions, refining your work to perfection. 

We prioritize personalized support by pairing you with a mentor who aligns with your academic interests, extracurricular activities, and target colleges. With flexible scheduling, you can easily coordinate session times directly with your mentor, ensuring a convenient and tailored experience.

What You Get


Upon signing up, you gain access to our exclusive Personal Narrative Essay Module. This comprehensive guide serves as your roadmap to crafting an exceptional college essay. From finding the perfect topic to employing effective writing techniques, our module covers it all. We strongly recommend reviewing this invaluable resource before diving into 1-on-1 brainstorming sessions. Subsequently, our mentors will provide expert guidance through several 1-on-1 editing sessions until your essay is college-ready. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your college essay and captivate admissions officers.


Join the Harvard Crimson College Essay Advising program today and unlock your potential for success.


Engage in guided idea generation to generate a unique and memorable essay topic


Get detailed suggestions to improve your writing from our trained Crimson Journalists


Receive invaluable advice from students who have first-hand experience with the college admissions process 

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