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College Admissions Counseling,
Powered by Prepory

The Harvard Crimson Programs Department, in partnership with Prepory, is thrilled to offer comprehensive, tailored, college advising and essay editing services to aspiring Harvard students and other high schoolers seeking an additional layer of essay support from admissions professionals.

About Prepory

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Since 2016, Prepory has made it its mission to compile the strongest admissions counseling team in the industry and deliver expert guidance to high school students worldwide. Today, Prepory serves over 14,000 students and families in over 39 countries. Their students are 167.04% more likely to be admitted to their top choice college or university. We’ve joined forces with Prepory to help students like you benefit from our combined expertise and realize admissions success.

Our Services

Essay Advising

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Prepory offers a college admissions essay and deferral letter help package to assist high school students with the most important part of the college application process. Our expert editors have degrees in writing, attended elite colleges and universities, and have hundreds of success stories editing college essays.


Our college essay and deferral letter review process goes further than editing for a missing comma or period. We dig deep to learn more about who you are and what you want to showcase to admissions officers. 

College Counseling


Prepory's college admissions experts are here to guide you from where you are to where you should be. Through our comprehensive curriculum and individualized coaching, you are set for success as soon as you connect with them.

During the initial consultation, they will:

  1. Assess your student’s applicant profile and higher education goals

  2. Provide detailed information about our services and programming

  3. Share tips on how to navigate the U.S. college admissions process

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